Tuesday, February 13, 2007

She wants to steal one from Chinatown

Maria: i love the little chinese babies

Monday, February 12, 2007

No it's not...or is it?

"It's always about loincloths with you."--e

(How exactly do you spell the plural of loincloth?)

Cupcakes and lesbian poetry...mmmmmm....

me: Are cupcakes lesbian food?
I don't know why my mind went there

Maria: i was wondering that
but didn't want to ask and sound stupid
because cupcakes are good for any occasion, i think

She means this as a metaphor for a life philosophy...

"You know they always say on the airplane to mothers, 'Put your gasmask on first, then your baby's.' And I think that's good advice."-- Devon

I could fill an entire blog in tribute to Devon's many quotables!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

My new motto


K: i say RIDE... and RIDE HARD!!!

We are reclaiming Valentine's Day...

...and making it safe for the single and cynical everywhere.


Rira: so you know all my vday ranting yesterday?

Me: yes

Rira: before hw, i went to victoria's secret and bought pink underwear with lace and hearts and cherries on them
so you're not allowed to let me complain anymore
because i'm a hypocrite, apparently

Me: Oh, for fuck's sake, darling
Just because something's pink doesn't mean it has to be associated with vday
Make Vday stand for "vagina day" and celebrate your girl parts

Rira: the hearts?
haha, ok

Me: Hearts pump blood
end of story

Rira: we'll pretend the hearts are representations of the pussy

Me: hurray!
Now every time I see one I will have absolutely no qualms about Feb 14

Sunday, February 04, 2007

See, things are already more complicated...


Me: I still feel like these are RIVAL blogs
K: sister blogs!
Me: my territory feels threatened
K: we can USE the same quotes!
Me: It's like you're Hitler Germany, and I'm Austria, and you're just scooting up really close to my border, saying
"Hey! Let's be friends! Let's hold hands"
and then WHAM
next thing you know we're all part of the mutterland
K: ok THATS going on mine
Me: bah
I'm not even sure if that's a historically accurate metaphor
K: i dont plan on conquering you
Me: well now that's going on MINE

How very meta...

Because everyone always says I don't put my own embarrasing comments up...

Me: Dusty, if you don't go with Kara to Coldstone, I'll put your balls back up inside your nads...

Friday, February 02, 2007

Maria always puts things in perspective...


me: oh geez
that sounds familiar
Us poor girls
everything's always so complicated

Maria: indeed
and then i look at matt-turned-valerie, the trannie who still looks like a man and wants to be a lesbian, and i think: my life is simple

me: we should have that embroidered on a throw pillow so we see it every morning to remind us to be content with our lives

Maria: haha
you can be in charge of that
maybe a nice tapestry