Sunday, December 31, 2006

Even I can say some silly things...

"It's always good to have a deadline to know if your soul will be crushed."

"Are you going to come do one of my legs this summer?"

Me: "I like that ice melts."
Rira: "That is one of the better qualities of ice."

On the streets of NYC

"We started getting it on, and I decided I'm so over this."--Woman in Union Square

"Hey, did you know redheads rule the world?"--Crazy man addressing me as I walked through US

Gems from a conversation with the checkout manager at Trader Joe's:
Him: "I tried to eat my jack o lantern, but it tasted awful."

Him again (later in the conversation): "I bet you didn't know that pumpkins have testicles."
Me: :::pause::: "Well, you learn something new every day."

Rira is a wealth of quotage!

"I actually asked that while I was unzipping my pants."

"I want to see nipples."

"Ten forty twelve is not a time."

"I get confidence from alcohol."

I wouldn't believe this if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes...

Seen on a billboard standing along the interstate (in PA, on my way to NYC):


I almost drove off the road trying to write this down while I was driving so I wouldn't forget.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Brian always hits the nail on the head


Shlee: i got an ipod shuffle for xmas
i'll a little amazed by it

Brian: it's going to be one of the little robots the big robots use for torture when they take over
it'll develop intelligence to shuffle the music that makes you want to kill yourself.

Oh Christmas--a wealth of quotage!

From Christmas Eve:

"I WILL NOT talk about cauliflower again!"--Poor Daddy

"What do you call people who dance for Jesus?"--K

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas shopping at the mall makes us loopy...

"It's funny because it would hurt him."--shlee

:::shlee is reduced to extended incoherant mumbling when she loses interesting in her own comment:::
K: "Annnnnddddd...scene!" (With accompanying hand gesture)

'Tis the season for vivid visual imagery!

From K, via text message:

"You should see my apt. It's like a sugar plum vomited. It's stellar."

Friday, December 22, 2006

Preaching to the choir

"Really, what is god but an alien overlord?"--e

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

More from Philly

At K's request (or more like demand):

"Watch out for the Womanjo!"

"How did you earn your Rs?" (as in "dirrrty")

(While in the bamboo forest) "If you squint your eyes, it's almost like being in Vietnam."-Shayla

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

IMs count too!

MriaAsunta: Why didn't Bob open the refrigerator? He was embarrassed to see the salad dressing.

(later, and unrelatedly)
MriaAsunta: i will try to speak to him, but not touch him inappropriately


A giant post to kick things off...

From our trip to Philly this past weekend:

"There's all kinds of crazy I haven't even heard of yet." --K

"Let's not make out with our dog when we're driving."--shlee


"Everyone wants to have 4 breasts."

"No, Ashley, rub my breasts this way."

"It's all the fun of a lesbian relationship without the hastle."

"What's sad is that I was the sidekick in my own dream."--K

"You are a feminist--you can defend your own buttcrack."--Jon

"Susan B. Anthony had great twat."--shlee

"immaculate infection"--shayla

"I only go lesbian for cats."--K

"That's gonna need a blow."--shlee

"Susan B. Anthony's twat was enough to make me fall off of the bed."--K